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2007-W-2016-W Annual Dollar Sets (7 sets)

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Item Number - :fc18-0408 (3-7893)
2007-W-2016-W Annual Dollar Sets (7 sets)

Beginning in 2007 the U. S. Presidential Dollar program began with four Presidents per year and a new program for the Sacagawea Golden $1. In that summer the Mint sold its first Annual $1 set in limited quantities. The burnished Eagle (2007-W) was so popular thousands of the annual dollar sets were cut up to get the new coins while depositing the other coins.

After Mint cut backs which eliminated premium products such as the Annual Dollar sets from 2009 - 2001, the program was revived in 2012 and has continued through 2016. Typically mintages have been minuscule with very few collectors recognizing the value of these sets, thus their “unknown” status. Like Proof sets and Mint sets the market value will change - especially because of the 1 oz. silver eagle of burnished quality included in each set. We feel it’s an item with super upside potential so we are recommending all of the series.

Each set contains the 4 “Presidents” for the year, a Sacagawea Dollar with a unique theme on each reverse and the ‘Burnished” Silver Eagle minted at West Point.


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