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"Chattanooga Coin" (not the present day Chattanooga Coin, Inc.,) was founded in 1963 by Gary Fillers and Doc Denton, a couple of coin and collectibles dealers from the area. It was sold to World Wide Coin in 1974, and later to Lewis Revels in 1981. Along with the original corporation, Lewis also purchased the Coin Wholesaler, at that time a newspaper format publication. Its name has changed through the years to "Coin and Sportscard Wholesaler" and finally to "Coin and Currency Wholesaler." It changed to its current magazine format in the year 2000 and has published continually since its inception in 1970.

Lewis Revels was one of the original owners of the Photo Certified Coin Institute (PCI) and a finalizer for 6 years with over 100,000 coins per year volume. He has written several paperbacks on different topics in numismatics and notaphily, specifically on $500 and $1000 bills, U.S. Silver Certificates, "How to Buy Silver for 50¢ on the $1," and others. Moreover, Lewis has been both a show host and a vendor for numerous cable and satellite television shopping networks, among them, Home Shopping Network, CoinTV, Shop at Home, Celebrity TV and Coin Country. 

Chattanooga Coin, under Revels' leadership, has gained a nationwide following of very loyal customers and a reputation for being on the cutting edge of new release promotion, custom series labelling in collaboration with NGC and PCGS and, of course, the price leader in the industry.  

Presently, Chattanooga Coin, Inc. operates in Rossville, GA with a small team of 7 employees. The company is an authorized dealer in good standing with PCGS, NGC, PMG, ICG, IGS and PCI. After Lewis passed away in 2018 his wife Mary and daughter Fawn took over the business and consolidated to one location and focused on the online side of the business. Our current team is passionate about creating a family environment for both employees and customers. We are doing our best to carry out the legacy left behind by Lewis Revels.

While we are not as active at coin shows and other local events, we still treat our customers like family, provide the best products for the lowest prices, and do our best to keep lifelong collectors happy while also bringing in younger customers. Whether you're looking for the hottest new U.S. Mint release, a specific grade of an old classic coin, whether it's silver, gold, platinum, a private commem, or a piece of U.S. or some historic currency that you want. Look no further than chattanoogacoins.com. 




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